Hey  all!  I’m Vivek.

I’m 24, India-born, US-raised and I’m working in Seattle, WA. 

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what gets me going in life and interests and doing what I love. The airline industry, cross-cultural engagement and internationalism are three things I’m big on, and I thought I’d try and capture these passions through this first blog of mine.

Here are some goals I’d love to achieve:

  • Become conversational in Hindi, Farsi, Japanese, Portuguese and refine my Spanish and Mandarin skills. My ultimate linguistic goal is to become completely fluent in Sanskrit 
  • Get more involved with art and graphic design – 2 things I used to spend all my time with during childhood all the way through high school
  • Travel and live in multiple different countries; become location independent & “design” my life. A lot of this has been inspired by the work of Colin Wright, Adrianna Tan, Sean Ogle, Chris Guillebeau and countless others
  • Really highlight how airlines are incredibly important catalysts in this age of ideas and possibilities – either via a blog, or perhaps something bigger down the line. 


We’re living in exciting times and I’m excited to learn more and grow with the dynamics! If you want to get to know more about me, be sure to follow me on Twitter or shoot me an email – mayasan1[at]


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