Welcome! This is airlinistic – a brand new blog to talk about global culture, society, language and their effect on the airline industry as a whole. 

International air travel is simply fascinating – take a seat on a big metal flying machine and a little while later, you could be in a place where people speak a different language, deal with different social issues and eat foods you’ve never heard of. And the people on either end of the flight path are or could be customers to the airline that brought you there. 

Do those people view that airline and its brand the same way on both ends? Depends on how the airline has branded and positioned itself – who do their ads communicate to?  How are they meeting the demand for certain special meals on their flights? As technology makes the world a smaller place, airlines have bigger opportunities to explore this arena in more relevant ways. By leveraging social media and web 2.0 capabilities, for example,  Air Asia can engage in real time to find out what Indonesians think of them!

This blog’s goal is to not only to talk about airlines’ exciting new marketing, but also the cultural, societal, political, linguistic and economic factors that lead them to what they do. 

I’ll leave it at that – there’s lots to talk about  and I’ve got a ton to learn from readers like you, so be sure to comment, subscribe, post and argue! If you’ve got an interesting story or airline experience – I’d love to know!

Shoot me an email at mayasan1@gmail.com 

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Thanks, welcome and Happy Reading!


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