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An airlinistic take-off

It’s the first post on airlinistic! Make yourself at home, take a seat (but make sure it’s in the upright position with tray tables folded up), and take a look around.

This is my attempt to really talk about how airlines and their marketing, their strategies and routes are directly affected by their passengers: you, me and the growing millions who fly every year. The passengers are the foundation for what an airline does, and the social dynamics of these customers drive actions by airlines.

Offering halal meals on board, inflight entertainment choices, making announcements in and having cabin crew who speak various languages – all of these are just the tip of the iceberg of how social dynamics shape airline actions!

Some topics which I plan on writing about include:

  • Airlines engaging with customers in multiple languages
  • Cabin crews and how they’re ambassadors of the airline brand
  • Geopolitics affecting airlines 
  • Shifts in airline routes mirroring global immigration trends
  • Airlines and independent travelers

I’ll be posting a couple times a week, so stay tuned! Being that this is my first blog, I’m excited to start the journey, find some direction and (pardon the pun) take flight! 

I’m by no means an expert and I’ve got tons to learn from readers like you, so please send me any questions, comments, agreements, disagreements, criticisms, compliments, etc!

Happy reading and I wish you a pleasant flight!


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